Recommended Links


Cordite Country:  Without question, the best survival, herbalist, gardening, pioneering, and primitive living site on the internet. This is the site that you want to read if you hope to survive a complete collapse.If you want to know where some of these new “herbalists and preppers” are copying their information, you need to check out this site.  Copied by many, compiled, researched, lived, and promoted by only one.  Go on over to Cordite Country!

Of the Harvest:  A great place for natural herbal candy and other assorted goodies! Great for the sweet tooth and for your survival gear.

Survival Blog: An excellent collation of survival and preparedness information.

Backwoods Home Magazine: Great site for articles on homesteading, survivalism, and primitive living.

Off Grid Survival: Good site for tips, news, and information.

Off The Grid Survival: Good site for tips, information, and empowerment.

Ready Nutrition:  Good site for food, nutrition, and survival information. Also, a good place to purchase supplies.

DIY Blog: Good site for information on things you can build or do for yourself.

American Preppers Network: Freedom through teaching others self-reliance.

Self Sufficient Blog: Survival, prepping, homesteading.  Great site for information.

Possum Living: Survivalism, with a slant toward tossing it all and living in a cheap pickup camper.

Hillbilly Housewife: Low Cost Home cooking from scratch

The Survivalist Blog: Good site for tips and information on survivalism.

The Suburban Prepper: Focusing on preparation, survival, safety, and security in a suburban world.

The Urban Survivalist: Focusing on survival in an urban environment. 

NYC Survival: Good site for any person trapped in that monstrosity or any other large urban area.

The American Preparedness Radio Net: Excellent site for information on communication off the grid.

Simple Survival: Excellent tips and information on wilderness survival.

TEOTWAWKI Blog: Focusing on the end of the world as we know it.

Rural Revolution: In-your-face stuff from an opinionated rural north Idaho housewife.

The Hunt and Fish Blog: Connecting sportsmen everywhere; good tips and information.

Pioneer Living Survival: Survival, preparedness, homesteading, survivalists, gardening, back to basics. Excellent survival website.  Highly recommended.

Survival UK: A survival site with a UK bias.

Steve’s Page: Excellent site for downloading free military manuals.

News and Information

Alex Jones Infowars and Prisonplanet: Great sites for suppressed news, commentary, and analysis.

Freedom to Fascism Blog: Excellent commentary, perspective, and analysis from a good friend.

Cromwellshead: Excellent perspective on this mess from a good and wise friend.

FlyOverHere: Excellent site for information and opinion.

Combat Veterans for Ron Paul 2012: The name says it all.

Lew The premier Libertarian/Austrian School of economics site on the internet.

Freedom Force International: G. Edward Griffin’s organization dedicated to fighting collectivist totalitarianism and spreading freedom.

The Southern Partisan Reader: Excellent site for the TRUE history of the American South, limited government, and individual liberty.

Southern Nationalist Network: Excellent site for those who are awake and envision the reemergence of a Southern nation.

Sobran’s: Classical Conservative commentary and editorials

The Sovereign Independent: Great site for breaking news and commentary.

Before It’s News: Great site for breaking news and analysis.

SHTF Plan: Excellent site for news and opinion.

Eric Peters Autos: Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Libertarian politics.  Excellent!

Jack McLamb – Police & Military Against the New World Order: Excellent site for information to educate military and police about the evils of world government. 

The Law That Never Was: Interesting site containing information about the fraud of the income tax. 

Fully Informed Jury Association: Excellent site explaining the people’s rights against unjust laws.

Washington’s Blog: First Rate blog for news, information, and analysis.

George’s Blog Forum:  History Repeating Chronicles.  Highly recommended.

Federal Jack: Where conspiracy is no longer theory.

Activist Post: Great site for collated news and commentary.  A good site for alternative news, including some way out there stuff!

Steve Quayle’s World: Good site for alternative news and unusual research.

News With Views: Great commentary and information.

The Tenth Amendment Center: Fantastic site for news and information relating to states’ rights.

World Net Daily: Not my highest recommendation, but occasionally they produce good commentary.

Oath Keepers: Great site for military and peace officers who hold their solemn oath to the Constitution    seriously.

Stop Police Brutality: Excellent site exposing the nature of the police state.

NRAwol: Very informative site pointing out the deliberate efforts of the NRA to curtail the 2nd Amendment.

Gun Owners of America: The ONLY no-compromise gun lobby in Washington. Fantastic site for information on ammunition, firearms, and commentary concerning gun rights!

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership: America’s most aggressive defender of firearms ownership.

The Odysseus Project: John Taylor Gatto’s must study website project exposing the evils of compulsory government education.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: Charlotte Iserbyt’s page exposing the evils of compulsory government education

Soldier of Fortune Magazine: Great site for editorials, news, and interesting information.

Campaign for Liberty: The Principle political site in the modern cause of liberty.

The American Dream: Great Commentary and Analysis on the current condition of the American Dream.

End the Lie: Independent News and Alternative News Daily.

Supply Links

(All of these sites are excellent places to purchase survival goods, milsurp, ammunition, aftermarket weapons’ parts, etc)

Survival Enterprises: Great place to order long-term storage food and supplies.

Be  Good site for essential supplies.

Cheaper Than Dirt

Sportsman’s Guide

Centerfire Systems

Sarco, Inc

Natchez Shooters Supplies

Dan’s Sporting Goods

J&G Sales

Buds Gun Shop

Survival Cache


Zero Hedge: Fantastic site for economic analysis and truthful commentary

Inflation Calculator: Scary site that demonstrates the constant Federal Reserve devaluation of the dollar.

Shadow Government Statistics: Great site for real time suppressed economic statistics.

Bob Chapman’s The International Forecaster:  Excellent site dedicated to economic analysis and forecasting.

Trends Research Institute: Gerald Celente’s spot on economic and political analysis of future trends.

The Economic Collapse: Excellent economic commentary.

National Inflation Association: The Truth about America’s currency policies and the coming inflationary collapse.


3 Responses to Recommended Links

  1. andhowweburned says:

    I’ve had several real good experiences with J&G Sales ( The guns I’ve ordered were in as good a shape as described or better, they were quick with the paperwork and shipping and the deals were even better than what I was finding at my local gun shows.

    I’ve also been happy with the guns and service of Bud’s gun shop:

  2. J&G is very good. I will add them. I have never dealt with Bud’s gun shop. I will have to check them out.

  3. By the way, if there are any sites that anyone suggests, send me the link and I will check it out and post it.

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