What is a “Partisan Ranger?”

In military terms,  partisan rangers are irregular military forces organized to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation through the use of unconventional insurgent military actions.  Typically, rangers are well-trained irregular soldiers who operate deep behind enemy lines harassing enemy formations, disrupting enemy lines of supply and communication, and engaging the enemy at its weakest point to create havoc and general disruption of military operations. 

From the perspective of all supporters of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights of these United States, and true supporters of states’ rights and limited republican government, we are all operating deep behind “enemy lines.”  These United States of America are under attack by a statist philosophy of centralized government intent upon destroying our sacred birthright of freedom, and replacing it with a dark globalized Marxist regime that recognizes neither freedom nor our God-given rights.  

The goal of the Partisan Ranger is to wage an irregular war of information and education.  Slowly but surely, the dark forces of globalized Marxism have deliberately and effectively worked to erase the true history of these United States. Through their efforts, entire generations of Americans have been robbed of the information they need to be defenders of freedom and constitutional republicanism. Our goal is to turn the tide of the battle by spreading to the people the most effective weapon in fighting the global leviathan: Truth!  The truth shall set us free!

Sua Sponte!

For more information, email me at partisanrangershow@yahoo.com

8 Responses to What is a “Partisan Ranger?”

  1. andhowweburned says:

    What an inspired title, concept and battle cry! Wakes up the senses and rallies the spirit to be sure.
    Glad to see you have this site and radio show, Reb. Good luck with tonight’s debut, will see if my home dial-up can manage it or not, otherwise will have to go with the archive.

    Sua Sponte, Ranger!

  2. Larry says:

    Good day sir;
    I have been fighting the “good fight” since i got out of the army, back in ’62, and was “shown the light”. I was “educated” in the bowels of the beast, first in Florida, then in New York. I always knew, instinctively, that what they were feeding me was garbage, but ’till I met a rebel, and patriot, I never put it all together.

    • Glad to make your acquaintance, Larry. We all need to hang together lest we all hang separately. It is funny, all these years I have been warning people of what is coming (as I am sure you have been), and now we can see the writing on the wall and all of those people are either silent or scrambling to get ahead of the curve. Now is the time for all patriots to come together for what is coming.

  3. Tarig Anter says:

    I find your blog very interesting ; and I recommend visiting it

  4. John Stott says:

    As a brother infantryman, for that is what we are until God takes us, this makes my heart sing. The truth is the only way, for through truth will people find the path to true freedom and personal liberty. The path is long and rocky, some will fall, however we shall honour the memory of our fallen and departed until His Will be done.

    Per Ardua my brother

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  6. Tarig Anter says:

    Hello partisanrangershow;
    I would like to invite readers of this blog to engage in exploring, writing, and commenting on any of the following topics which interest me most and I guess most of them might also be interesting for you:
    1. Obama’s NATO and AFRICOM, and his masters the corporate globalists.
    2. Dr. Ron Paul presidential candidacy.
    3. Ralph Nader against the two-party system.
    4. Threats of corporate globalization to Healthy Democracy.
    5. Expose the origins and crimes of Western Liberal Democracy.
    6. Re-Designing Democracy.
    7. Occupy the lower and upper houses and the bureaucracy.
    8. The greed triangle of bloated bureaucracy, detached legislators, and corporate globalists.
    9. Non-ethnic nationalism.
    10. The dangers of international secret societies.
    11. Nationality laws and indigenous nationalism.
    12. Create Three-dimensional democracy.
    13. Universal religions are fighting faiths.
    14. Spirit Of Swadeshi inner development.
    15. Corporate globalists alliance with Islamism
    16. Exposing the links between Globalism; Capitalism; Communism; & International Secret Societies.
    17. Nations Must Trash Western Liberal Democracy?…..& Their Way of Life Too.
    18. International Secret Societies & the New World Order.
    19. Corporate globalists & Sunnite Islamism Attacking Nationalism.
    20. Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy.
    21. All wars in the Middle East and North Africa are between two evils.
    22. Colonial Arab and Western Abuses of Nationality and Nationalism.
    Few lines of comments will be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

    (You may delete this comment or pingback my comment which is also posted on my About the Author page)

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