3 Steps to Making a Smoke House for Your Homestead

3 Steps to Making a Smoke House for Your Homestead

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September 2, 2012

So, you are a homesteader who wants a smokehouse? Good for you! There are many reasons to have a smokehouse, but my absolute favorite is the amazing smell that fills the air as you are smoking your food. I have plenty of memories of playing in the yard while my mother and father prepared various meats in the smokehouse, and when I smoke my own meats it brings me right back to those times. If you are looking to build your own smokehouse, there are three basic steps you have to take before you ever put hammer to nail. Follow along with this guide and get ready to put together your own smokehouse!

Checking your local zoning laws and regulations

One of the difficulties you may face is the local zoning laws and regulations. This can be a particularly nasty surprise, especially if you are building a proper smokehouse (as opposed to one of the smaller smoke houses that are more reminiscent of a BBQ grill). Before you prepare to build check with your local offices and the fire department to find out what restrictions and regulations exist. You want to do this not only to make sure that you aren’t hassled in the future, but also to make sure that you take all safety precautions into consideration. You certainly may skip this step if you would like, but it is our opinion that no responsible homesteader will skip this step.

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