Bob Barr: Feds Determined to Label Conservatives “Thought Criminals”

Bob Barr: Feds Determined to Label Conservatives “Thought Criminals”

Former Congressman labels ‘liberty lovers are terrorists’ study “frightening,” “bizarre,” “insidious”

Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Former Congressman Bob Barr has slammed as “frightening,” “bizarre,” and “insidious” a new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security with lists ‘liberty lovers’ as right-wing terrorists, noting that the federal government is determined to re-define legitimate political beliefs as thought crimes.

As we reported last week, a study produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland with the aid of $12 million dollars in DHS funding characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

The report lists numerous other political ideologies which would normally be considered as American as mom and apple pie as extremist beliefs, including people who consider themselves “anti-global,” Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack, those who consider themselves “fiercely nationalistic,” and people who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.”

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3 Responses to Bob Barr: Feds Determined to Label Conservatives “Thought Criminals”

  1. cromwellswar says:

    Welcome to the sister state of the EUSSR. a place where “holocaust denial” can land you in gaol.

    Now, freedom of thought is the final freedom. Freedom of expression, by way of life, personal outlook and philosophy is a God given right. Any body, government, or their agent who tries to take away a God given right is guilty of a hate crime themselves. These doctrines, that they seem to conveniently forget, are enshrined in their precious UN and EU “laws”. These rights are enshrined in the Constitution.

    Rewind the clock to Magna Carta, The English Bill of Rights and all of the other milestones in Anglo Saxon history. Do we give these up because a petty tyrant says we must? No.

    They made the rules up as they went along. Along came the internet and scuppered their grand plan. Now we see great haste from them for one reason. They know their time is limited. The likes of western “politicians” that we suffer have never been seen before. They are all “company” men apart from a handful.

    Now I am convinced where this c..p is taking us. They want a confrontation. That is to take place mainly in the US. It has started in Europe. We know Liberty teeth bite back. Question, will confiscation be attempted? Or will they dive straight in for an internal war?

    • I think the ultimate goal is confiscation of firearms in the US. Until that is done, an absolute tyranny can not be established here and the US can not be integrated fully into the global system. That will bring a full out confrontation as there are millions of gun owners who will not comply. We live in interesting times.

      • cromwellswar says:

        Indeed, even the Daily Bell has mentioned the possible break up of the US into smaller groupings today as one view of an outcome. This of course suits “them”, divide and rule whilst using China as the new enforcer. The reality? Who knows, but as you rightly say millions will resist.

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