The Pauls Introduce Their New Internet Liberty Manifesto

The Pauls Introduce Their New Internet Liberty Manifesto

Written by Bob Adelmann

The New American

July 7, 2012

The Pauls Introduce Their New Internet Liberty Manifesto

With Ron Paul’s bill H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, headed for a floor vote in the House in the next two weeks (and likely success at passage with 263 sponsors), he and his son Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are now focusing on the Internet.

His Campaign for Liberty (C4L), started in 2008 with some four million dollars of campaign funds from his unsuccessful run for the White House that year, has issued its manifesto to continue the fight: “The Technology Revolution: A Campaign for Liberty Manifesto.”

Starting with his first term as a member of the House of Representatives from Texas in 1976, Paul has led the fight to expose the secret machinations of the Federal Reserve, making that his primary theme in the freedom fight. That theme can be traced to the publication of his The Revolution: A Manifesto in 2008 to his End the Fed in 2009, and finally to his latest book, Liberty Defined, published in January this year.

But with his campaign for the presidency likely to fail at the Republican Party’s convention next month and his decision not seek reelection to his House seat, Paul is passing the torch to his son. As explained on the C4L website:

As we stand on the verge of making history with our top priority initiative of fully auditing (and then ending) the Federal Reserve, C4L is excited about also advancing Internet freedom with the same energy and determination that has turned an historic spotlight on the Fed’s outrageous actions.

The manifesto is not only a clarion call to arms to protect what it calls “the single greatest catalyst in history for individual liberty and free markets,” it also directly confronts and challenges the powers that seek to neutralize that catalyst and turn it to the advantage of governments:

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One Response to The Pauls Introduce Their New Internet Liberty Manifesto

  1. cromwellswar says:

    I pray for its success.

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