The Oil Change Co-Pay

The Oil Change Co-Pay

By Eric Peters

Eric Peters Autos

July 6, 2012

If using insurance to pay for everything is such a marvelous idea, why not expand the concept? How come, for example, we tolerate paying for tire rotations and oil changes out of pocket?

Why not carry Car Maintenance Insurance (CMI) instead? Wouldn’t this make owning a car more affordable? More fair?

Is it not outrageous that so many millions of Americans aren’t covered?

I’ve asked people who defend Obamacare about this. They immediately see the silliness of using insurance to cover minor routine car maintenance. But somehow, they don’t connect the logical dots and grasp that the same reasoning applies to minor routine maintenance of one’s body, too. People in this country didn’t always whip out an Aetna or Blue Cross card – and fill out myriad Byzantine forms – when it was time to settle up with their doc. They opened up their wallet or their purse and handed the man (or his nurse/office manager) a $20. There was no need for an entire staff of sour-faced fraus to handle the endless reams of paperwork – each paper-rustling sour-faced frau costing the doc (and thus, you) a considerable chunk of change.

There was no army of cube workers down the line processing your paperwork – and doing all in their power to dodge the bill and send it back to you.

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