The Ultimate Preppers – They Were Preppers, But Didn’t Know It

The Ultimate Preppers – They Were Preppers, But Didn’t Know It

Norse Prepper

June 15th, 2012

It always frustrates me when I turn on the television, read a newspaper or any other source of main stream media that is running a story on preppers. Invariably, with any television series or special, it is promoted with pictures of people with gas masks and AK 47’s talking about how they intend to kill zombies when the golden horde arrives upon their doorsteps when the SHTF. The most popular of these shows is the “Doomsday Preppers” series that is running on the National Geographic channel. I will admit, I watch every episode because there are always things I can learn when seeing what others have done to prepare for whatever they are preparing for and find the show to be very entertaining. In my opinion however, these extreme preppers are not a good representative of the vast majority of preppers.

Depending upon what any person is prepping for, be it an EMP attack with the long term loss of the power grid, a tornado/hurricane/flood, collapse of the financial system, nuclear war or any number of potential calamities that may come your way, there are always some basics that are universal across the board. These being food, water, defense of life and home and sustainability into an unknown future that will last as long as it does. Outside of these staples of prepping, I have seen some of the extreme preppers having gas masks for the family, underground bunkers designed to ignite propane through hand rails to fry intruders in hallways leading to safe rooms and even homemade explosive devices. I can see why they do it and by having some of these things, they are probably more prepared than most. Having gas masks may be more common place in the prepping community and important for survival, but my point is that these are things that preppers typically take care of after the basics are complete.

Then there are the prepper want to be’s of the world. These are people that if National Geographic wanted to do a special on them, would show up and see them overloaded on information and lacking on results. They do research, read books on survival skills and talk a good talk about what’s coming and what they are planning on doing. It would be a very boring episode so you won’t see these people on any upcoming episodes I’m afraid. They are severely unprepared for whatever TEOTWAWKI situation arrives at their doorstep. Post collapse, they will be identified easily by listening to people in food lines and FEMA camps saying “I knew it!” and “I just didn’t have enough time to put it all together!” They may own a bunch of guns, mostly never shot more than to sight them in. They probably haven’t actually grown a garden, but have some seeds. They probably have never harvested a deer or game and prepared it for a meal. They call themselves preppers, but will have a very rude awakening when the SHTF.

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One Response to The Ultimate Preppers – They Were Preppers, But Didn’t Know It

  1. Cromwell says:

    I must admit to a tear in my eye reading that. It sums up my views and practices perfectly. It recalls what is possible, what has been lost to so, so many. What so many, in their own way, are trying to recapture.
    My own views are any government that calls such folk terrorist, well they are terrorist themselves. Worldwide from The Amish to many, many others, people are terrorised by interfering government. A tyrannical creeping cancer called marxism eats away at core values based on Gods Law.
    Someone coined the phrase prepping. Now it is a term used to mock. There are extreme preppers, just as there are those of us who choose to live in a certain way. It is called Gods Way. It is based on family and friends who think and live the same way. If that is wrong, to look after your family, think freely, to grow and raise animals your way to eat. To long for a peaceful and tolerant life without let or hindrance, well then call me what you will, I am not a terrorist. For I do not care for their ways, I only become violent if provoked or my folk are threatened with danger. I live my life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I associate with others of the same type. That is my choice, my decision. I will live my way, as my father and grand father taught me.
    God will judge me on that, no other.

    To any folk who read this, if you think and act the same, bless you. I wish you every success and that you reap what you sow. For by living this way, putting your family above all else, well that is honourable. That is living and thinking free. It is a good place.

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