The Life Of The Survivalist

The Life Of The Survivalist

by Brandon Smith

Personal Liberty Digest

May 29, 2012

We’ve all seen the stereotypes depicted in TV and film: a lonely, semi-frustrated man with a knack for carpentry, barbecue and ammo reloading. He stockpiles guns and food in his secret log cabin in the hills near his home and awaits — even anxiously anticipates — the inevitable end of the world. He believes only he will survive, because everyone else is an idiot. Oh, and he’s “crazy.” All survivalists are.

But is this stereotype in any way honest? Does one have to take on all these cumbersome characteristics in order to be a survivalist, or does one choose to become a survivalist and suddenly is stricken with angry redneck’s disease?

I became a survivalist three years ago, and I can say without a doubt: One does not have to live the stereotype.

Survivalism is not about taking on a new identity; it is about being prepared. It is not about paranoia and fear. It is about awareness, responsibility and common sense.

The average American today is often so disconnected from his own survival and self-defense that when confronted with the idea of “preparedness” he becomes incredulous, as if the entire concept is so fantastical it should be buried in a book of folklore along with fairies and unicorns. The fact of the matter is: True survival will soon be the first thing on many Americans’ minds instead of the last. Every man, whether he be a farmer in the country or a yuppie office jockey in the suburbs, will have to decide immediately what he is going to do — mentally above all else — to be ready for what is coming.

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