U.S. soldiers forced to wear U.N. logo?

U.S. soldiers forced to wear U.N. logo?

by Bob Unruh

World Net Daily

May 20, 2012

In the 1990s, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly wrote a moving description of the plight of U.S. Army Specialist E-4 Michael G. New, a medic in the Third Infantry Division who was drummed out of the military because he refused to wear the uniform of the United Nations.

“When American soldiers were killed over Iraq,” she wrote, “Vice President Al Gore told the widows and orphans of those men that ‘they died in the service of the United Nations.’ That wasn’t a slip of the tongue; his words reveal the Clinton administration’s plan to use our armed forces as U.N. mercenaries all over the world at the whim of U.N. bureaucrats.”

Schlafly said New had “raised the flag of patriotism against the Clinton-Gore goal.”

“Michael New’s trial is our battle, if we care about America,” she wrote.

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One Response to U.S. soldiers forced to wear U.N. logo?

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    I remember a tale of Sarajevo. A French and British battery were side by side, knowing the position of Serb guns on the far side of the city. Watching helplessly as innocents were shelled daily. Repeated requests for counter battery fire were refused by the UN. The French battery commander threw his UN beret to the ground, as did his gunners. He said to his British counterpart, “I refuse to wear the colours of cowardice”.
    His battery then returned fire on the Serb guns, silencing them and causing a retreat. Thus saving life.

    There is no honour in the damned UN. To wear any UN garb is an insult to true and honourable soldiering. To ask any nations soldier to wear their insignia is an insult.
    I know this French officer received acclaim in France, a pity his British counterpart continued to wear the “colours of cowardice”.

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