NJ Dad saves son, gets two tickets

NJ Dad saves son, gets two tickets


May 22, 2012

New Jersey (WSYR-TV/ABC) — A New Jersey dad is being hailed a hero by everyone – except the police — for saving his young son from heading over a steep embankment last week.

Frank Roder saw his 5-year-old son running toward the embankment and was afraid he would slip into the Rahway River. Roder managed to save his son from the dangerous fall, but his troubles were only beginning.

“I thought he was going to beeline over there and into the water,” Roder told WABC reporter Jen Maxfield.

Roder had just taught his son Aidan how to unbuckle his own seatbelt and get out of the car himself. Aidan took the lesson to heart last Thursday when he hopped out of his dad’s car when he was trying to decide on a parking spot. Aidan headed for the Rahway River where the two had planned to skip rocks and look for ducks.

When Roder saw what was happening he panicked and thought he had put his jeep in park, but instead, Roder had accidentally left the car in drive and it rolled into the river. Frank was grateful there weren’t any fishermen by the shore.

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