Looming Reversal of Centralization as Empires Disintegrate

Looming Reversal of Centralization as Empires Disintegrate

By Gary North

The Market Oracle

May 20, 2012

“Centralization induces apoplexy at the center and anemia at the extremities.” ~ Lamenais

The present political system is clearly insane. It suffers from schizophrenia. Around the world, almost no one trusts the politicians, yet almost everyone votes for incumbent politicians who promise to reform the government.

Voters now suspect (correctly) that all Western governments are headed for bankruptcy because of the pension programs and government-funded medicine, yet these two programs are politically untouchable. Voters demand them.

For four decades, soft-core critics of the pension/Medicare systems have come to voters with this announcement: “The two systems can be reformed, but we must act now. If we delay, they will bankrupt the government.” Yet the systems are never reformed.

Then, a decade later, the next group of optimistic reformers comes forward with this same promise: “The systems can be reformed if we just act now.” Nobody believes them. Nobody should. If the programs really can be reformed “if we act now,” then the previous warnings were mere scaremongering. There really was no hurry. So, Congress asks rhetorically: “Why should we believe that we need to hurry now?” Result: the systems never get reformed. Congress kicks the can.

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4 Responses to Looming Reversal of Centralization as Empires Disintegrate

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Good article thank you. I watched the BBC last night with jaw on the floor. The news contained three small items otherwise unmentioned by any MSM outlet.
    First, the British government has discussed an attack on Iran by Israel. The term used in summary, “is this an end to the coalition”.
    Second. The Facebook share scandal and “ordinary” investors being shafted. Banks named, insider dealing discussed.
    Third and significant. Massive funding for agriculture research, bio – science and increasing British food security.

    Now, given what is happening elsewhere, and interestingly, constant reruns of wartime based TV programmes. Well, sounds like fortress Britain is about to become reality, again.

    • Britain has become far too entrenched in continental politics. I was shocked when they accepted entrance into the EU. That basically violated 500 years of basic British foreign policy. I am glad to hear that some are returning to their senses.

  2. gideon says:

    The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. Born apparently out of the G8 Summit. Now THEY are meeting and planning all over the world. Even Ms. Clinton and the G(irls)20 Summit. Guard your farms and your pantry. They’ll be coming for it soon.

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