An Inconvenient Bilderberg Truth

An Inconvenient Bilderberg Truth

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor

Activist Post

May 22, 2912

With the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting fast approaching, the globalist-backed corporate media continues to ignore reporting on the leading events of the next Bilderberg Group meeting.

The corporate whore mainstream media (yes that’s exactly who they are and I don’t apologise for using such harsh language) has purposefully not made any mention of the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting and has in fact deliberately begun a systematic attack on the alternative media and Bilderberg truthers for their efforts to report on the Bilderberg Group meeting and its agenda.

It’s unbelievable and difficult to comprehend why the corporate media has been so blatant in its lack of coverage of the Bilderberg Group meetings. Think about it, every year there is an event where most of the top globalists, politicians, bankers and corporate industrialists congregate to “actively” plan and strategize global political, economic and environmental programs behind everyone’s back, in secret and without any accountability, yet the mainstream media thinks it’s not worthy of reporting?

To demonstrate how little coverage there has been of the Bilderberg Group meetings, a simple Google news search for Bilderberg Group revealed only 652 results (most of which aren’t news items about the Bilderberg Group, but rather keywords found from comments), Bing News produced 23 results and Yahoo News delivered 13 results.

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