Rawles: “It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country”

Rawles: “It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country”

Mac Slavo


May 21st, 2012

How likely is it that we will actually experience a disaster that brings down our national power grid?

Will the government seize all guns in the United States?

If Continuity of Government response plans are initiated, will they be able to effectively lock down every major city and the country as a whole under a martial law scenario?

Is an economic collapse in our near future?

These and a host of other critical topics are covered in the latest interview from SGT Report with Survival Blog editor James Rawles.

Rawles on Gun Confiscation:

I think it would be impossible to disarm the people of this country. Along with Yemen we’re the most heavily armed society on the planet. It would be absolutely impossible to disarm the citizenry.

There might be an attempt to do it incremently over the course of generations. I think that’s the only way that would happen.

There are so many guns being produced each year – a couple of million guns each year – it’s just mathematically impossible, if not socially impossible, to even envision the logisitics of trying to disarm the American citizenry. It just can’t happen. There’s too many guns in circulation and they’re essentially the final guarantor of our freedom.

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One Response to Rawles: “It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country”

  1. gideon says:

    I think they’ll let us do most of the dirty work ourselves. They can kill power selectively. Regional, Sub-Regional, City or Cities. Race, class, political and religion. There are numerous ways to play it. These people are ruthless and evil. We must never forget that or under estimate their ruthlessness. History, they have A history and SO DO WE! We do well to study it and prepare according to the lessons learned from it. GOD bless you all.

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