Survival Footwear

Survival Footwear

Fernando Aguirre

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ask any experienced backpacker or outdoors-man and they will tell you that the single most important piece of equipment is their shoes. Take away his or her knife, tent or jacket and a resourceful person may still find a way to survive but…

……without good shoes a person’s chances are significantly reduced.

Caveman Shoes

Poor footwear limits your ability to move and you lose heat fast through your feet. In some conditions, taking away a man’s boots is a death sentence. Given the new Bushcraft and back to basics revival the casual reader may believe that in the good old days people went by barefoot. This isn’t an accurate estimation.

There´s been archeological discoveries showing the existence of sandals as far as 500,000 BC. While some societies did use to go barefoot, mostly thanks to permissive climate and topography, at the same period other civilizations saw the advantage of proper footwear. The Romans dominated and marched all over the known world using tough hobnailed sandals. They were made of strips of leather reinforced all over with iron nails and studs for added traction and feet protection.

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8 Responses to Survival Footwear

  1. freedom2fascism says:

    A good pair of boots is really important. I recently bought a pair of Danner Acadia boots and I am really happy with them. Found a gently used pair on Ebay for 1/5 the price of new. Great purchase.

    By the way, it’s been a long time, hope you’re well my friend. I think it won’t be long now…

  2. Cromwellsheart says:

    Mmm. One prejudice of mine and it is an old soldiers. I have tried and tested countless brands over many years. Many modern styles offer a great advantage, science has its uses ( when ethically applied 🙂 )

    However, having seen trenchfoot, athletes foot, blisters, corns and bunions…….. I opt for traditional welted construction. A rubber compound sole, stitched and glued to a leather storm welt, in turn stitched to a leather upper. The tongue must be high stitched to prevent water ingress. Laced with eyelets to above ankle with a steel toecap and steel shanked inner. Insole to be leather NOT compound or card. Socks, wool, changed daily for clean and dry.
    DO NOT dry wet boots by a fire, stuff with paper and let fresh air do the drying.
    Care of leather, apply a good wax polish such as Dubbin or Kiwi as often as possible.

    To complete tradition present feet to a bawling sergeant weekly, or in my case now, self inspection as I would shoot anyone who shouted at me.
    Treat feet to a daily soak, then apply good quality foot balm, remove hard skin and keep nails trimmed.

    Traditional, tried and English, what more do you need? 🙂

    • freedom2fascism says:

      Nothing beats well greased leather boots in the winter months, but I wouldn’t trade my Danners for anything in the summer season – about 1 month here in the PNW… 😉

    • freedom2fascism says:

      Guns are not evil, science is not evil, money is not evil. It is corporatism applied to militarism, economics, money, science, etc. It is the morality of a society that drives ethics in these categories, any tool in the hands of the morally bankrupt poses a potential danger.

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