Ron Paul Campaign Didn’t Assist Army in Thorsen Inquiry

Ron Paul Campaign Didn’t Assist Army in Thorsen Inquiry

by Joe Wolverton, II

The New American

May 3, 2012

The Ron Paul presidential campaign refused to assist the Army in its investigation into the activities of an Army reservist who spoke, while in uniform, in support of the Texas congressman at an event in Iowa.

A report published by the Associated Press on Tuesday reveals that the news organization filed a Freedom of Information Act with the Army requesting the release of documents related to the military’s inquiry into the endorsement by Corporal Jesse Thorsen of the GOP presidential hopeful in January.

The Army launched an investigation into the matter presumably prompted by a belief that Thorsen had violated a Defense Department regulation prohibiting uniformed service members from actively assuming an openly political posture.

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One Response to Ron Paul Campaign Didn’t Assist Army in Thorsen Inquiry

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    By God do they not panic when confronted by even the smallest of “threats”?

    They must have memories of Russian soldiers supporting Yeltsin, I can still picture him atop a T72 outside the Duma.

    The issues are becoming clearer to the establishment, your own soldiers increasingly question the legitimacy of the regime. Your own soldiers fund Mr Paul because the believe his truths.
    As many of the wests “Afghanstis” will now be labelled potential terrorists, that old English saying springs to mind.
    ” Beware what you create, for one day it will turn and bite you in the arse”.

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