What’s Your “Plan A” – Bug-out or Dig in?

What’s Your “Plan A” – Bug-out or Dig in?


Is “Plan A” to “get out of Dodge” in the event of a pending or sudden crisis? Or is “Plan A” to “bunker down” at home?

An intelligent approach to crisis preparedness planning requires consideration of specific crisis scenarios as well as individual constraints and limitations. Thinking about it before the pressure is on helps you arrive at the right decision when the time comes.

Pre-crisis, honestly assess your general options, constraints, overall risks, and best odds for surviving and thriving.

Options for most people are usually an either/or proposition:

A. Stick it out at home where your supplies, tools, and community support network are established.

B. Bug-out to a hoped-for relative place of safety.

Constraints and limitations might include: age and physical condition, health factors or disabilities, family relationships and obligations, financial restraints, household/property security, community stability, geography, climate, road and weather conditions. You obviously need to consider these and other variables in your planning and decision-making. (We do not attempt to include all potential variables in our bunker-down-or-bug-out calculator.)

Best odds are arrived at by looking at the strength and position of your home and community vs. the circumstances of the crisis. For most people, “Plan A” in many events would be to “dig-in” and fortify at home. However, there ARE events when bugging out is the smart move.

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