10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The United States

10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The United States

The US and Israel planned the on Iran for years and thought they had it all figured out… But these 10 things they didn’t count on could bring destruction upon them.

By Alexander Higgins


April 25, 2012

By all means and to every possible end the Pentagon has run their war game simulations. Israel has deployed their Iron Dome missile defense. Top military brass have given their assurance that the naval build up in Persian Gulf is absolutely certain to offset the threat of the Iranian Navy and mines being deployed into the Strait of Hormuz. The US and its allies have stopped importing Iranian oil and have been given full assurances by Saudi Arabia they will make up for the loss of Iran’s oil. Strike plans have been deployed to the dozens of military bases surrounding Iran. Hundreds of Tomahawk missiles have been given infrastructure targets and once they hit Iran’s defenses will be disabled. Thousands of Spy drones have been deployed and are monitoring every inch of Iran’s soil in real-time. Stealth Bomber has been given their flight plans with the B-52′s to follow. The media is in place to report. The stage is set and all systems are a go.

The false flag attack on is needed because NATO allies don’t trust US claims that a preemptive strike is needed after western intelligence lies over WMD’s in Iraq. The trigger is pulled and the entire world believes Iran just attacked Israel. The United States and NATO are forced to defend Israel. They launch their meticulously planned offensive believing Iran’s oil fields would be under their control in less than 24 hours and Tehran would be sacked within 48 hours.

That was the plan but little did they know that it was America that would fall and this is how it happened.

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