The Media Doesn’t Understand Gun Ownership At All

The Media Doesn’t Understand Gun Ownership At All

Kyle Wintersteen

The Daily Caller

April 27, 2012

This is a dire situation: I have three anti-gun media hit pieces left to read, and I’m down to my last antacid. I normally ration them, but that last story was a real doozy. Why endure such torture?

If you can grasp the mindset of someone who fears gun ownership—who doesn’t even trust himself with the right, let alone you—you’ll be better equipped to articulate your point of view. The more we’re familiar with the other side’s argument, misguided as it may be, the better equipped we are to defeat it.

I’ve learned something through this approach: Big Media does not understand gun owners. Their anti-gun stories range widely in subtlety, and could be categorized as lazy, intentionally anti-gun or unknowingly biased. The latest antacid-popper comes to us courtesy of The New Yorker and falls into the “unknowingly biased” category.

Jill Lepore thinks she is a liberal crusader out there just trying to make a difference, which she has attempted to achieve through an unfair and condescending portrayal of gun ownership in America (She actually compares the ambiance of a gun range to visiting a porn shop—what the hell?). Lepore’s story, while better written than some mindless anti-gun hit pieces, is undermined by a lack of empathy. There is a cavernous disconnect between liberal journalists (who don’t even recognize their own biases) and the plight of gun owners. Here are the top eight things anti-gun journalists don’t seem to understand about us.

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