How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Driving… And Much More Besides

How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Driving… And Much More Besides

By Eric Peters

Eric Peters Autos

April 26, 2012

Most people believe that ObamaCare is just about “health care” – making it “free” (that is, paid for by others) or at least more “accessible” (see previous bracketed deconstruction). In fact, ObamaCare is about everything. Once affirmed by the Supremes – which it will be – every nook and cranny of your (past tense) life will be Official Public Business. I go too far? I am being hysterical?

Let’s see now…

Already, it is a legal requirement in many areas that your child be given whatever vaccines the state decrees each child must have. If the parents demure, sanctions range from the beneficent (the child is prohibited from entering a government school) to the not-so-beneficent (a visit from the Child Protective Services KGB). Now, granted, some vaccines are helpful, even necessary. That’s entirely beside the point. The core issue here is coercion. Being forced to submit to a medical procedure.

With kids, the legal basis for this coercion is they’re minors. But when ObamaCare envelopes the land, we will all become minors as a matter of law – with those in control of the government exercising total control over us.

It is already happening. Consider, for example, the case of David Sarti.

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