Getting Started Prepping! – My Spouse has Doubts!

Getting Started Prepping! – My Spouse has Doubts!

By Alex Newton

American Preppers Network

April 25, 2012

When you first start prepping, there are usually a lot of things that slow you down and cause you to have some issues; lack of knowledge, lack of storage space, lack of financial ability, etc. All of these things can seriously inhibit the ability of a new prepper to start making inroads and getting things prepared.

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues new preppers face is a spouse that has a differing opinion on the necessity of prepping or worse yet, has a downright negative attitude about it. Perhaps your spouse watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo and thinks preppers are all nuts, or perhaps your spouse simply doesn’t believe anything requiring prepping will ever happen to them. Most commonly, it is more of a lack of understanding than a genuine dislike that keeps spouses out of the prepping movement.

So how do you get a reluctant spouse to get involved in prepping? This is the million dollar question! By the way, if you use the answers I post here and you want to give me a million bucks for helping you out, just email me and we’ll talk!

It’s Preparing for a possible Emergency/Disaster, not for the End of the World

One thing that keeps spouses from being interested in prepping is a lack of understanding as to WHY you are prepping. I was already a prepper when my wife and I met, but she never really paid any attention to it. Although we never discussed it, I later found out that she thought I was a little cuckoo to prep like I do. As it turns out, she was planning to sit me down for a serious talk but never got the chance, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. We weren’t there, we are up near Chicago, but she watched as the people looted stores in water up to their chests trying to get water and a bit of food. She listened to the news stories about the violence at the Super Dome and saw the video of the people on top of their roof begging for rescue. She looked at me and said “I get it now.”

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One Response to Getting Started Prepping! – My Spouse has Doubts!

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    This brought a smile and memories. In my case it took twenty years to get “herself” and the kids onboard. I knew she totally was a month ago, she proudly showed me her new water filtration unit that will do ten pints an hour. Explained its workings and that it will even filter out disease organisms for six months none stop. Then showed me the refill cartridges she had bought.

    Yep, a twenty year wait but worth every minute 🙂

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