North Korea issues unusually specific threat

North Korea issues unusually specific threat

By Dylan Stableford

The Envoy

April 23, 2012

North Korea’s military vowed a new and unusually specific threat to its neighbors, saying it would reduce South Korea “to ashes” in less than four minutes.

The statement, released Monday when programming was interrupted on North Korea’s state TV by a special report, comes amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Earlier this month, North Korea was unsuccessful in a long-range missile launch, prompting worries that North Korea may conduct another nuclear test. South Korean officials say new satellite images show that North Korea has been digging a tunnel in what appears to be preparation for a third atomic test.

According to the Associated Press, the statement from North Korea was unusual in promising something soon and in describing a specific period of time.

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One Response to North Korea issues unusually specific threat

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Oh how I wonder at the modern world. Fine for the west, Russia and China. India and Pakistan, well maybe but we are watching you……..North Korea? Iran? No, no, no! After all we can trust poor little Israel and ourselves to control our impulses to radiate the world………

    Double standards. A sovereign nation chooses to possess a weapon others have, we do not agree. Well makes me ponder that one.

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