TIME 100: The List: Ron Paul

TIME 100: The List: Ron Paul

By Ralph Nader


Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012

Why does Congressman Ron Paul draw such large and enthusiastic audiences even though he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination? Because people like a politician without marbles in his mouth.

Paul does not censor himself. He comes across as sincere, earnest and independent of his party’s fat cats. In the debates, only he called out the American Empire’s meddling in the business of countless nations around the world. He assails the Pentagon’s bloated budgets and has worked with liberal Democrat Barney Frank to shrink the military-industrial complex. He wants to end our boomeranging wars.

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5 Responses to TIME 100: The List: Ron Paul

  1. Fire IsBorn says:

    Time 100 TRUE Top10: 1 ANON 2 E.MARTIN 3 A.FARHADI 4 I.KHAN 5 J.LIN 6 B.Cumberbatch 7L.Messi 8 N.Djokovic 9 Ron Paul 10 Aung San Suu Kyi rt

  2. gideon says:

    But he’s NOT a contender. RIGHT! I hope they’re all (MSM) embarrassed by this. They won’t be, but they should be.

    • He is very much a contender. Even in their own polling, he does quite well against Obama, even lead him early on…and this them telling the people repeatedly that he is a “long shot” or “can’t win.” They are afraid of him because of the broad coalition he could draw. Conservatives, old school civil liberties liberals, Libertarians, anarchists, Republicans, disgruntled peacenik Democrats.

  3. Cromwellsheart says:

    He frankly is the only hope for the western world under the present system.

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