Out Come The Knives: The Smear-Campaign Against Mel Gibson

Out Come The Knives: The Smear-Campaign Against Mel Gibson

Jurriaan Maessen


April 18, 2012

Every so often we are painfully reminded that, yes, an effort is underway- conspicuous because of the concerted nature of the attacks- designed to undermine the few who tell the ancient tale of freedom for a change… and that to audiences worldwide.

Actor and director Mel Gibson, under fire by the entire mainstream media a few years back for alleged misdoings, has now been carefully targeted in yet another psyop. This time with the welcome help of a disgruntled screenwriter who just happens to, oops, present a letter he wrote after his screenplay for Gibson’s work in progress was rejected both by the director and Warner Bros. And oops, it just happens Gibson is again being portrayed as a cartoon-like anti-Semite. Now it just happens that the lone filmmaker in Hollywood – effectively fighting tyranny with such outstanding works as Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto — is now being scrutinized in the extreme by both low-grade tabloids and self-professed “serious” magazines.

Gibson’s works are prime examples of how storytelling at its core signifies both the story itself and serves to illustrate the age-old, everlasting struggle against tight-gripped tyranny. Two giant forces, both measureless and complex in their endless expressions, are “slugging it out”, as Gibson told a startled automaton- Diane Sawyer- who stuttered her way through the interview, frowning a lot while nervously glancing over her notes.

The establishment media once again jumped at the opportunity to revive its smear-campaign against Gibson, redeploying their media tricksters and gadgets in an attempt to discredit him. Notice it’s always the same old nonsensical sewer-tactics employed. Puny smears by puny minds. And just like previous attacks, this one seems to be designed to hinder Gibson doing his important work.

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One Response to Out Come The Knives: The Smear-Campaign Against Mel Gibson

  1. gideon says:

    They HATE heroes.

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