By Greg Evensen

April 1, 2012

The war of northern aggression began forming in the 1840’s as the government even then, moved further and further away from a constitutional republic. Vitriolic debate about growing, indifferent central taxation coursed through the halls of Congress in the 1850’s. Dire threats were taking shape by 1858, and there was no turning back by 1860. For those who understand our Republic and the efforts to sustain freedom, in spite of all out war waged upon it then and since the end of the last internal struggle, the federal economic/banking/political/internationalist/police state has had but one goal. That is, the internal destruction of the sovereign states and the imposition of a socialist government tyranny under the ongoing protection of the federal court system and the threat of military intervention to achieve the final dark victory against the American people.

Mirroring the run up time frame to our first “civil war” (regardless of your position) the past 100 years at a minimum, have witnessed the attainment of expansionist socialist government benchmarks in every area of public life. As a result, we are now hovering at the doorstep of open warfare with government and virtually all government agencies.

I am convinced that “evolution” does exist, only not in the theory that you would expect. The fact is that government in general has evolved from a modest and necessary central coordinating point between the outside world and the state governments into a world crushing behemoth that knows no bounds, nor restraint, except in its devouring of more rights, freedoms, money, resources and common sense with every move it makes. Being the ravenous beast it has become, there is no apparent way to slow or stop it, short of its destruction. Those who have raised and fed the beast simply shove more “food” its way with an outcome predictable and fatal to those living with it.

Home and church schooling has evolved into values killing public education. Rational, theoretical universities have become radical beds of dark indoctrination that have mutated into world governance training centers led by amoral communist adherents producing evil minions like Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama. Family physicians have evolved into factory pharmacy shills dancing on puppet strings to the insurance companies. Community banks have evolved into enforcers for the Federal Reserve’s nation killing currency manipulation. Churches are “tax-exempt” wastelands to pastoral Biblical liars and denominational slick programming, preaching everything socially unimportant yet void of truth about the only Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Now I find these writings more or less the same things I put into words. Grand article Reb, thanks for posting it.

  2. gideon says:

    This gentleman, is the man who stated on Omegaman radio a few weeks ago, that according to his sources, ALL Law Enforcement in the US had now been federalized. I find that especially interesting given the latest request for expanding “WAR POWERS “.

    • Cromwellsheart says:

      That fits in cousin. Alienate local LEOs and recruit from the military. Out of area officers with no love of local people or local practice.

      Most western policing is now like this, militarised drones who do not think, just react. With the exception of a very few they are not honourable or worthy of trust.

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