Why Are Police In America Treating Women Like Dogs?

Why Are Police In America Treating Women Like Dogs?

The American Dream

March 10, 2012

When I was growing up, police in America generally treated women with gentleness and respect. It was generally understood that women were not to be thrown around or mistreated by police unless they were being openly violent. But in most areas of the United States those days are long gone. Sadly, many police officers seem to make it a point to be especially mean and degrading to women. All over the country women are being openly abused and humiliated by police. In America today, women are being yanked around by their hair by police, women are being pepper sprayed directly in the face by police, and women are being brutally strip-searched in front of leering male police officers. This is not how a civilized nation should be treating women and there is no excuse for treating women like dogs. The incidents that you are about to read about are absolutely shocking. They reveal just how far America has fallen. If police will treat non-violent women like dogs, then what will they do when the time comes to arrest you? That is something to think about.

What police are doing to peaceful female protesters in some areas of the country is absolutely horrific. A recent article by Steve Watson described the degrading things that were done to one group of women when they were arrested in Maryland….

Attorneys with the anti-abortion groups the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the Thomas More Society of Chicago, and the American Catholic Lawyers Association revealed that after their arrest, the protesters, including women and young girls, one as young as 14, were put into leg shackles and strip searched twice, while being denied the right to make phone calls, and make contact with lawyers. The protesters were kept in jail overnight.

Reports indicate that the first strip search took place in the police station parking lot in full view of male officers. The second strip search was conducted at the Harford County Detention Center.

You can view a few minutes of video from when the women were originally arrested right here.

How would you feel if your mother, your wife or your daughter was being treated like this?

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4 Responses to Why Are Police In America Treating Women Like Dogs?

  1. Cromwellshead says:

    I always joked about a coppers truncheon being a replacement phallus. It seems I may have been on the right lines.

  2. freedom2fascism says:

    In my neck of the woods, the cop cars are all decked out like hot-rods. I think they’re HEMI-powered Dodge Chargers with smoke windows and painted to look like race cars. It’s totally ridiculous. But it’s all part of the widening separation of the ‘superior’ civil servant and citizens.

    • It is the same here. What’s worse, about half of them drive Dodge Durangos or Ford Explorers. This annoys me with the gas prices. But again, it is about flaunting themselves in the faces of the people….demonstrating they can do whatever they want.

  3. Cromwellshead says:

    Austerity now has HM Constabulary facing 20% “cuts” ( thats after above inflation spending increases for years to counter wicked terrorists )
    Their latest wheeze? To tender private security firms for certain roles.

    And cars? Subaru Imprezas, Ivo’s, not counting Range Rovers and anything else with a price tag to make your eyes water. It seems plod is a self serving organism the world over.

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