The Will to Survive

The Will to Survive

Off Grid Survival

If you ask the average person what the most important factors of making it through a survival situation are, you will probably get a wide range of answers. On most survival websites, including this one, you will read a wide variety of articles detailing the importance of things like Water, Shelter, Food and Weapons.

While every one of those things is important, there’s one thing that’s often overlooked. Not having this one thing has killed more people in a survival situation than any other issue we can talk about. In my opinion, it’s probably the single most important aspect of survival.

The Will to Survive

Throughout history man has endured the unthinkable. From explorers being shipwrecked for years in the Antarctic to those who survived the unthinkable conditions in Nazi Germany, the will to survive can often help people live through conditions that most would consider impossible.

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