The Rantings of a Prepper

The Rantings of a Prepper

Tess Pennington

Ready Nutrition

March 2012

Although it is difficult for many to accept, there are and forever will be events that are beyond our control. In many cases, emergencies don’t announce themselves, they just show up and expect you to make due while they are present. These events could be so severe that they have the capacity to bring us to our knees.

While some choose to prepare for these unforeseen events, there will be others who choose to stay complacent and turn a blind eye. The choice of not to prepare could be for a variety of reasons:

Some simply do not see the need to prepare.

Or, do see the need, but make excuses why they can’t prepare.

Are overwhelmed by the enormity of preparedness.

Are afraid of the unknown.

Have a fear of other’s opinions about preparing for extended emergencies.

Or, have the fear of admitting to themselves that devastating events can penetrate our lives and effect us.

But in the end, life is all about choices; tough choices. In this prepper’s opinion, taking the active steps to prepare for an unforeseen disaster (one that we honestly don’t want to happen), was the only option that made sense, but it took courage and a big leap of faith to get started.

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