Michigan State University to Offer Course on Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

Michigan State University to Offer Course on Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

By C.W. Burgers

Yahoo! News

February 29, 2012

Should a “zombie apocalypse” ever befall the campus of Michigan State University, its students will be prepared — or at least the students who take its new course, “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior.”

According to the course description, students will undertake a “catastrophic event simulation” involving a “zombie pandemic.” They will be broken up into “survivor groups” and “must face the challenges of living and surviving together during a catastrophic event.”

Although the idea of studying an attack of the undead may sound absurd to many, instructor and course creator Glenn Stutzky told MSU News “the topic is serious and worthy of academic study, the challenges presented in surviving a hypothetical zombie pandemic have real-world applications.”

Those real-world applications according to Stutzky include, “the nature, scope and impact of catastrophic events on individuals, families, societies, civilizations and the Earth itself.”

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6 Responses to Michigan State University to Offer Course on Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Cromwellshead says:

    Well, this has to be up there with the degree in “Klingon language” for academic rigour and intellectual merit.

    ps Is it April 1st? πŸ™‚

  2. gideon says:

    No this is a very real concern Cousin. See, even the CDC thinks so. πŸ™‚

  3. gideon says:

    I hear you! I fear their insanity. Harder to predict what insane people will do.

    • They have been pushing this zombie stuff for a couple of years….hell, even the CDC released a warning on it. At first I thought it was some kind of a joke, but now I wonder if they don’t know something that they aren’t telling us (imagine that).

      • Cromwellshead says:

        Maybe politicians and voters are zombies? My last trip to a polling station was 8 years ago. There was a distinct likeness………

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