What Would You Think?

What Would You Think?

by Adam G. House

Revolution Free Press

March 6, 2012


You’ve just gotten home from work, settled in with a belly full of dinner, and decide to turn on the evening news. You tune in to your news station of choice and watch the old familiar news anchors muddle through their list of stories from the day. As you watch and listen…..

“A group of about 500 active duty and veteran Russian military personnel marched on Moscow today, supporting a marginalized political candidate for President, and symbolically turning their backs on the current political leadership in power. This small Army of Russian soldiers observed about eight minutes of a silent salute for their comrades who have taken their own lives under the Russian government’s recent foreign policy, and another 21 minutes of silent prayer for their other fallen comrades. The formation of marchers was joined by several hundred supporters, loudly shouting opposition to the current regime, the corrupt banking system, and abuses of human rights and civil liberties.”

The video clips of the event reveal well over a thousand supporters holding many various signs supporting an opposition candidate for Russian President, and critical of many government agencies and institutions they claim are abusing government authority. The demonstration footage shows people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, standing in support of the soldiers who are marching to the drumbeat of cries for a revolution. Average folks take turns on stage, chronicling the abuses of power by their own government and condemning the illegal actions of the Russian government, which they say have infringed on the rights of the people.

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