Getting Prepared Month 6: Fitness, Energy Bars and Face Masks

Getting Prepared Month 6: Fitness, Energy Bars and Face Masks

Gaye Levy, Contributing Writer

Activist Post

March 8, 2012

As the cold months of winter start to abate, it is easy to turn our thoughts away from preparedness and instead to the springtime pursuits of gardening or simply getting outside and playing in the sunshine.

Perhaps you have a bicycle that has become dusty during the colder periods, or walking shoes that have been sitting idle in the closet. Before I move on to the specific tasks and goals for month six, I want to remind you that all of these outdoor pursuits are indeed a part of your preparedness journey.

This year, more than any, is the time to start a small vegetable garden so that you can teach yourself the basics of working the soil, planting the seeds, and enjoying the bounty of homegrown food. The skills you hone now will go a long way toward feeding yourself and your family should there ever be a major disruption in the food supply chain. Just remember to start small and expect some mistakes and failures along the way. The results with be worth it.

And what about getting outside, taking a walk or hike, or perhaps a bike ride? Fitness is also an important aspect of preparedness so yes, go ahead and enjoy the sunshine. Make it fun and get fit. I do not need to tell you this because you already know it: a healthy and fit body will help you sustain the physical and emotional toll of a crisis.

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