Attorney General Holder degrades US to fascist ‘Assassination Nation;’ 99% response…?

Attorney General Holder degrades US to fascist ‘Assassination Nation;’ 99% response…?

Carl Herman

Washington’s Blog

March 7, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder, the top “legal” voice of the US regime, argued to Northwestern University law students that the US Constitution is no limit to the regime dictatorially assassinating Americans. This follows regime arguments to seize and “disappear” any person in opposition to regime dictates as “terrorist supporters,” and extracting their confessions with controlled drowning (euphemistically “waterboarding”), found by all US and international courts as torture. The regime’s followers in Congress voted for legislation (2006 Military Commissions Act, 2012 NDAA) that these dictates are consistent with the US Constitution.

Because these claims are in Orwellian contradiction to the US form of government as limited under a constitution, the regime is attempting to substitute a different form of government without being arrested for violating existing law. As a teacher of government, the closest definition for the regime’s substitute of dictatorial assassinations, seizure and “disappearing” people, and torture is fascism.

Occupy invites the 99% to join them in response to such ongoing 1% crimes with three specific actions:

Recognize the 1%’s massive crimes centering in war and money.

Request those with arrest authority to exercise it.

Participate in policies to benefit 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

The definition of “The United States of America” is literally the US Constitution. Informed by the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, what it legally means to be American under the Constitution includes:

Unalienable rights for all persons, beginning with Life and Liberty from dictatorial government seizure and murder.

The purpose of government is to secure unalienable rights, not the Orwellian opposite to destroy them.

We have limited government under constitutional law, with US military and multitudes of Americans under Oath to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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5 Responses to Attorney General Holder degrades US to fascist ‘Assassination Nation;’ 99% response…?

  1. gideon says:

    Sorry, but they proved they have their own version/interpretation of those documents in 1865? It may not yet be the kind of dictatorial tyranny your Momma told you about. It may not yet be a HitLenStalMaoPol type tyranny but it’s tyranny just the same. The Lincoln tyranny is still the tyranny we are under today. America, the original ideal, was conquered in 1865. Lincoln and the Northern States committed treason by attacking the South. As far as that America goes, it only exists in the heart and minds of those who know and understand the true history and those who have learned from them. Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered, maybe millions. It is going to come around again. Like their predecessors, these people have NO HONOUR either. They are thieves, liars and murderers. We need to wake-up to that. This ain’t a game this is the real deal. GOD bless…

    • You are so right, brother. The mask is coming completely off. They are no longer concerned in admitting that they can kill whomever they want. The president is judge, jury, and executioner if they label the enemy a terrorist. We aren’t at Hitler/Stalin/Mao/PolPot levels yet….yet…but that line is so easy to cross.

  2. Jeff Boots says:

    I am completely convinced that I made the right decison to turn my life and will over to Jesus Christ.

  3. cromwellshead says:

    The evil in this raft of legislation remains hidden. People frankly do not care. Thats the Prussian education system, it has done its work and continues. I never thought I would see house arrest operating in Britain, or detention for years without trial. It is here.

    When Argentinas “disappeared” came to light to the world, their regime chose war as a distraction. They now languish in gaol. Things there however have got worse, it has become an advert for what we are in line to become. A few powerful families, backed by the army and police rule. The Catholic Church colludes.

    I continually come to the same conclusion and history shows, only by violent resistance does change occur. Unless a “wild card” appears, I have hopes that the internet will change things. Just lately “they” seem to be pushing harder and faster. It would now seem a race ensues, enlightenment versus repression.

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