11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools

11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools

Michael Snyder, Contributing Writer

Activist Post

February 28, 2012

It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now that it is time to get all of our kids out of the government schools.

The public school system in the United States has been dramatically declining for a long time, and in most areas of the country the public schools are open sewers at this point.

Yes, there are some U.S. public schools that are still very good and that do a decent job of preparing our young people for their adult lives. But those good schools are the exception to the rule. Hopefully the school shooting that just happened in Ohio will be a wake-up call to millions of parents out there.

Drugs, sex and violence are rampant in American public schools today. The “teachers” are endlessly pushing specific political and social agendas down the throats of our kids, and the skills that our children really need such as reading, writing and mathematics are often badly neglected. Hopefully we can get more parents educated about what is really going on in these schools. After all, why would any parents want to send their children into an environment that is going to be highly destructive for them for six to eight hours a day?

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One Response to 11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools

  1. cromwellshead says:

    Oh so true! When you think of the possibilities, well wasted eh? Damnable Prussian obedience, now inform on your family and trust your teacher more than your kin.
    Local BBC this morning. Kids handing out leaflets to parents ( wearing the obligatory reflective vests ) Subject? Safe parking at drop off points, next stage, proudly orated by a 7 year old? “If they ignore the leaflets advice we are going to photograph them, then name and shame”!

    When will this lunacy end.

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