US police-state comes to our schools

US police-state comes to our schools

Southern Nationalist Network

By Michael

February 25, 2012

The process has been slowly building up for several decades. First, the Federal Government took control over our local schools in the name of fighting discrimination. Shortly thereafter in 1965 they radically changed their immigration policies and began bringing in millions of people from Third World countries. In 1971 the Feds began their ‘war on drugs,’ which ballooned police staffs, budgets and powers. Former peace officers were converted into ‘law enforcement’ officers. That new name says a mouthful. The gradual militarisation of the police had already began in large cities (beginning with Los Angeles in 1968) with the addition of SWAT teams. Militarised police units, subsidised by the Federal Government, were soon popping up in other cities and towns throughout the United States. Predictably, our once-peaceful schools, which became increasingly violent due to Washington’s immigration policies and forced-integration measures, became prime targets for the expansion of the police state. In the 1980s and 90s police officers were introduced in schools and their presence, along with metal detectors and drug dogs, has only grown.

Chris McGreal has an article for The Guardian (UK) which highlights the increased police-state presence in our schools. Like many foreigners, Mr McGreal is clearly shocked by how bad things have gotten in the United States, where the police-state is much worse than in many other countries. If Americans think they still live in the ‘land of the free’ they are only fooling themselves.

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