The Snowball of Empire

The Snowball of Empire

by Nico Perrino

Mises Daily

February 17, 2012

Those of us who spent our younger years living in the coldest of the 50 states remember fondly those afternoons spent at play just after a fresh coat of snow blanketed the ground. We’d grab our jackets and gloves, run out of the house, and convene at the nearest large field (perhaps the backyard) and bask in the winter wonderland presented to us only sporadically during those very cold months.

Snowball fights, snowmen, and creating igloos were among some of the activities we’d all partake in; merrily disregarding frostbite to salvage one more minute outside.

But one activity among them all sticks out to a great number of us.

It was the simplest of games, yet always one of the most fun. When there was enough snow on the ground, everyone from the neighborhood or school would compete to try and roll the largest snowball.

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