Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?

Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?

By Paul Craig Roberts

February 14, 2012 at 7:23pm

The United States government and its NATO puppets have been killing Muslim men, women and children for a decade in the name of bringing them democracy. But is the West itself a democracy?

Skeptics point out that President George W. Bush was put in office by the Supreme Court and that a number of other elections have been decided by electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail. Others note that elected officials represent the special interests that fund their campaigns and not the voters. The bailout of the banks arranged by Bush’s Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs chairman, Henry Paulson, and Washington’s failure to indict any banksters for the fraud that contributed to the financial crisis, are evidence in support of the view that the US government represents money and not the voters.

Recent events in Greece and Italy have created more skepticism of the West’s claim to be democratic. Two elected European prime ministers, George Papandreou of Greece and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, were forced to resign over the sovereign debt issue. Not even Berlusconi, a billionaire who continues to lead the largest Italian political party, could stand up to the pressure brought by private bankers and unelected European Union officials.

Papandreou lasted only 10 days after announcing on October 31, 2011, that he would let the Greek voters decide in a referendum whether or not to accept the austerity being imposed on the Greek people from the outside. Austerity is the price charged by the EU for lending the Greek government the money to pay to the banks. In other words, the question was austerity or default. However, the question was decided without the participation of the Greek people.

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4 Responses to Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?

  1. cromwellshead says:

    Well, it is a shambles. A facade to fool an illusion is what I see. Then has it ever been any other way? Our forefathers were, in the main, men of great principle and vision. From John Locke, Cromwell, Voltaire, Jefferson,Washington, well countless others. All have had an honest and worthy desire to better mankind.
    Mans greed is the enemy, the men who despise freedom, feel threatened by liberty. Men who see profit in war and suffering. Men who see food as a weapon and watch feeling nothing as millions starve.
    Every race has these men, worthless, self loathing and despicable. interested only in power. And the food chain they control contains their clones, sad miserable beings scrambling for crumbs from the high table.

    Yes, western democracy is a sham.

  2. gideon says:

    I HATE IT when they refer to “Western Government” as a democracy!!! I HATE the word and it makes me furious whenever I hear it used. I realize our governments say it and then pretend we are a demockracy, so they can pit different minorities and majorities against one another. So I would agree, western democracy is a sham. We were given a REBUBLIC and we couldn’t keep it.

    • You are correct, Gideon, the United States was not established as a democracy. The founders knew well that democracy was the most volatile and dangerous form of popular government devised as it always devolves into tyranny. The powers that be want us to think our system is a democracy because they know that they can manipulate the masses to vote a certain way and then use the results of that vote as a mandate to do whatever the hell they want.

      • gideon says:

        And then there is that word “MANDATE” Oh, how they love that one. Unfortunately when the people vote, the politicians have lied to get the vote then turn it and twist it into a MANDATE for whatever ever bullcrap they’ve been told to implement. Some wise man once said “the masses are asses “boy was he right.

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