In Defense of David Sarti

In Defense of David Sarti

Daisy Luther

Inalienably Yours

February 13, 2012

We often ask, “What would be the last straw? What would make us take up arms and defend ourselves against the Powers That Be?”

Usually, that answer is guns. For most preppers and constitutional activists, losing our weapons would be an affront that would cause us to stand up and take action.

That particular insult has happened to one of our community.

David Sarti, of Lebanon, TN, recently appeared on National Geographic’s program Doomsday Preppers.

The producers motives with this show are questionable, from a prepping perspective. They seemed to have sought out people who are real “characters” – the eccentricity is so extreme at times that it doesn’t seem to be a fair representation of what is truly going on in the prepping community. Because NG is generally more open-minded, more in line with producing documentaries than salacious reality television, I was extremely disappointed in the programs that I have seen thus far.

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