Chickenhawks: Here’s your chance to join up!

Chickenhawks: Here’s your chance to join up!

Combat Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

February 5, 2012

As the propaganda machine picks up speed and sets its sights on Iran, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are beating the war drums louder than ever. Santorum, especially, seems to be really looking forward to the newest war in the Middle East. He has said repeatedly, seemingly giddy with anticipation, that he would not hesitate to use military force to make Iran, and any other country on his shit-list, bend to his will. Newt has also boasted of his willingness to start a war and at one point even went all 007, talking about covert operations, and assassinating scientists. Settle down, tough guy.

It is unfortunate that Newt and Rick and Mitt are far too old to enlist in the military themselves. They have somehow missed out on every other war of their lifetimes- Newt and Mitt even managed to avoid the Vietnam Draft. Looks like they will have to wear the label of chickenhawk for the rest of their lives.

But wait! There is good news too! The younger, non-veteran chickenhawk supporters of Rick, Newt and Mitt can still join up. Sure, many of you were far too busy for Afghanistan or Iraq, but if you can somehow clear your schedules there may be time to get in uniform before Czar Obama launches his next war.

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