What Most Gun Nuts Get Wrong

What Most Gun Nuts Get Wrong

George Ure and Gaye Levy, Contributors

Activist Post

February 12, 2012

Gun nuts? Okay, we admit that we wanted to get your attention. As you may recall, we wrote about basic home security a while back. Today, though, we thought we would share a few of our more advanced thoughts on this subject, since the topic of defending the homestead is a popular and ongoing one.

Of the Two Gs, George happens to be the most well-trained, competent gun owner, but Gaye is learning. Both of us, though, are seasoned business executives who tend to start problem solving with the strategic view first with the specific goal of working out viable solutions in advance.

So, in order to set the stage for this week’s discussion, perhaps a graphic that explains how a “strategic thinker” looks at the problem of home security is in order because it is really a different approach.

We start by acknowledging that a lot of people think in “gun nut” terms. And while there is nothing particularly wrong with that, it doesn’t take into account that those bent on committing crimes these days are not the doofuses and idiots portrayed on cop-show TV. Quite the contrary.

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