Black Americans & The Gun Rights Argument

Black Americans & The Gun Rights Argument

Kenn Blanchard

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The month of February 2012, I plan to provide a little black history knowledge here on the Urban shooter podcast.

Actually it’s a series on American history sub-categorized as black history. Knowledge alone is not power. It is what we do with knowledge that gives us power.

Gun control is based on Racism. American patriots know and fight against it, usually with those that should be our allies.

The black person in America has always been a part of the gun rights argument. like it or not, it is, what it is. I have discovered that if a person uses the terms “gun violence” or “black on black” crime there is a high probability they are parroting, misinformed,conditioned or purposely misleading others against self defense for “other” people.

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