The Federal Priorities

The Federal Priorities

Texas League of the South

February 4, 2012

The theologian Oswald Chambers once observed that you can tell a person’s priorities by what they spend their time and money on. This observation also holds true regarding regimes. This week, the empire showed its priorities again by taking down sport streaming websites along with sports merchandise sellers. This is during a time when the regime is mired down in the Fast and Furious gun running operation, where they sold guns to drug lords. Apparently it is more important to protect the pocketbooks of the Hollywood and television executives than it is to protect American citizens by having a secure border.

There was also the hissy fit thrown over the Susan G. Komen Foundation wanting to pull funding for Planned Parenthood. The foundation had concerns over how Planned Parenthood did not do mammograms. Since they were not directly doing anything to prevent breast cancer, the foundation raised concerns about it. This led to a massive outcry in Mordor on the Potomac, where they pitched a fit over it. Even though it is a private foundation, the federal busybodies overstepped their authority and meddled by speaking out against the possible de-funding. All those throwing the hissy fit were Democratic Sinators. It seems that the murder-loving monsters of the empire want abortion murder on demand and are willing to fight for abortion murder on demand. This is the priority of the Sinators in Mordor.

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