The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order

The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order

by Gary North

One of the most alluring temptations that face men is the desire to enter the inner ring. C. S. Lewis wrote a wonderful essay with this title. It should be part of every person’s rite of passage into adulthood.

The desire to enter the inner ring is closely related to the desire to maintain a New World Order. There is always an institutional claimant to New World Order status. It is always structured in terms of a series of concentric rings. These rings are always vertical. They are part of a pyramid of power. They are best represented by a stepped pyramid. (See Genesis 11.)

Every empire has been founded in the name of – on behalf of – some version of a New World Order. Empires all have this in common: they are eventually replaced. There is nothing more defunct than a New World Order that has failed. Think “Ottoman Empire.” Think “Thousand-Year Reich.” Think “British Empire.” Think “Soviet Union.”

When they are riding high, they seem unbeatable. What could possibly replace them? Most people cannot imagine anything. But there are always a few who can. They get together informally to help arrange the transition. Then they get together formally. They screen access to meetings. They set up a new inner ring.

In our day, the cry is “Next year, in Davos!” The best book on this is an insider’s book, David Rothkopf’s Superclass. It is not a conspiracy theory-type book. It is a “look how we’ve made it” book. It’s a “top of the world, Ma!” book. He also sees that this superclass is vulnerable to changes outside of its control: in Asia, in the Third World. “We’ve made it” can become “we’ve lost it.”

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2 Responses to The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order

  1. gideon says:

    Great article. You’ve said it many times, EDUCATION IS THE KEY. With all the articles you’ve posted it should be obvious to all that we have been INDOCTRINATED into a system of CONTROL. The way to “Liberty and Freedom” is EDUCATION. Even if we fought for freedom and won, without a proper EDUCATION, what would we end up with. That is my concern, hope, desire in this pursuit. Some talk about money (FRN’s) being the problem or root and I can see the role it plays in control. There is also a spiritual element to that (honest weights and measures). But even then without the education to understand the system (GOD’s or The Beast) then how can one ever hope to get out of bad and implement the good. Again we would probably just reproduce something similar or possibly worse. You were right, “Reading won’t kill ya”. lol

  2. cromwellshead says:

    This is a well written argument. Thank you for posting it Reb.

    And no cousin, reading won’t kill ya! But my it was nice to listen to two hours of that fella on a sunday afternoon with a belly full of roast 🙂

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