Drug-Resistant Superbugs Found in ‘Antibiotic-Free’ Meat Products

Drug-Resistant Superbugs Found in ‘Antibiotic-Free’ Meat Products

Andre Evans

Activist Post

February 4, 2012

Meat is a staple food in the diet of many across the world. Whether or not you chooses to eat meat, its widespread consumption is undeniable.

Many meat-eaters opt to purchase organic meat in order to avoid the cocktail of hormones, additives, and other unwanted ingredients that go along with conventional meat products.

Despite this, the many forms of meat products are largely contaminated and have their own host of issues — including ‘antibiotic-free’ meats, according to a new report.

Whether it be through the use of hormones on animals, the issue of genetically modified feed for animals, the feed itself being inferior quality, or the fact that the FDA allows the use of bacteria-eating viruses to clean meat, the global meat supply is in a dire state of contamination.

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