European cold snap death toll rises to 71

European cold snap death toll rises to 71

AP foreign

Wednesday February 1 2012

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The death toll from a severe cold spell in Eastern Europe rose to 71 Wednesday, most of them homeless people.

Temperatures dropped to minus 30 C (minus 22 F) in some regions, causing power outages and traffic chaos and prompting authorities to close schools and nurseries.

Urkaine alone reported 43 deaths. The Emergency Situations Ministry said Wednesday that 28 people were found dead on the streets, eight died in hospitals and seven in their homes. Over 720 others were hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite.

Authorities have deployed over 1,730 heating shelters across the country where the homeless people can get warm and eat hot food, including boiled potatoes, pork fat (a traditional Ukrainian dish), tea and coffee.

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