Columnist Calls for Internet ‘Quality Control’ to Quash Dissent

Columnist Calls for Internet ‘Quality Control’ to Quash Dissent

by Michael Tennant

The New American

January 25, 2012

Do you think anthropogenic global warming is a hoax? Are you unconvinced that your ancestors had more in common with Cheetah than with Tarzan? Have you any doubts about the official version of how 9/11 went down? Then you, according to Evgeny Morozov, are part of a “kooky” “fringe movement” whose growth must be checked by forcing you to read “authoritative” content whenever you go looking for information on such topics on the Internet.

Morozov is a visiting scholar at Stanford University, a contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine, and a former fellow at George Soros’ Open Society Institute – in other words, a reliable bellwether of globalist establishment thinking. His musings in Slate – in which he argues that while outright censorship of the web may not be possible, getting browsers and search engines to direct people to establishment-approved opinions would be an excellent idea – offer “proof of how worried the bad guys are about popular disbelief in State pieties, and about sites … that stoke it,” Lew Rockwell averred, citing his own website as an example. The New American undoubtedly would fall under that rubric as well.

The problem, as Morozov sees it, is that people who “deny” global warming or think vaccines may cause autism – opinions that conflict with those proffered by governments, the United Nations, and other globalist organizations – can post anything they want on the Internet with “little or no quality control” over it. As a result, he says, there are “thousands of sites that undermine scientific consensus, overturn well-established facts, and promote conspiracy theories.”

In addition, Morozov worries that those searching for information on a disputed topic will, because of the way search engines are structured, tend to find sites giving the politically incorrect version of events first and may never get around to reading the “authoritative” sources on the subject. “Meanwhile,” he argues, “the move toward social search may further insulate regular visitors to such sites; discovering even more links found by their equally paranoid friends will hardly enlighten them.”

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    Urgent request to my cousins, supplies of tin foil are running low in the mother country. Please send lease lend rolls now 🙂

  2. gideon says:

    And i thought this was a serious blog. Oh well my delusions and illusions are being shattered everywhere and everyday, why not here too……Man what i wouldn’t give to sit around and talk in person….God Bless

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    Smart arse….:-)

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