Commonsense preparedness just makes sense

Commonsense preparedness just makes sense

By Jackie Clay

Backwoods Home Magazine

Issue #48 Nov/Dec 1997

What if that snowstorm turned to a blizzard or an ice storm lasted for days, knocking out the power and phone lines? Would you be prepared? Or what if you lost your job, or an illness or injury prevented you from working for a lengthy time? Could you survive? Or what if you had a severe economic depression? Could you and your family cope?

Commonsense preparedness is not a new concept based on the fear of an Armageddon. It is an old idea that goes back to biblical times when Joseph advised the pharaoh to store food for the coming famine. In modern times Mormons, Mennonites, Amish, and even our grandparents lead or have led lives based on being prepared for unexpected hard times.

But though once art of most folks’ everyday lives, commonsense preparedness today has fallen by the wayside, and vast numbers of people are totally unprepared for even the smallest emergency. There is much you can do to remedy this, and it starts with taking stock of just what makes your household tick. Here is how my family has prepared for the unexpected:

Water storage

A human can live much longer without food than without water, so having adequate water available is at the top of any list. When calculating your family’s water needs, include water for sanitation, that is, for flushing the toilet as well as washing one’s self and cooking utensils. The toilet doesn’t have to be flushed after every use, and a person doesn’t need a 15 minute shower twice a day, but some water is necessary.

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