Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?

Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?

By Madison Ruppert

End the Lie

January 28, 2012

Recently I published an article covering the January 22-26 multi-agency exercises being conducted in the Los Angeles area.

As I outlined in the article, this is in fact part of a broader trend of joint military-police drills (which often include other agencies, hence the “multi-agency” label) that have been occurring across the United States.

It seems hard to ignore the fact that the armed forces of the United States are training for urban warfare, not urban warfare in the Middle East, but instead here in our own nation.

This is becoming painfully clear due to the fact that the military trains for what they think they’re going to do.

If they are planning to fight in the desert, they would train in the desert and obviously if they are going to be fighting in a metropolitan setting in the United States, they would train in an American city.

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12 Responses to Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?

  1. cromwellshead says:

    This brings some very painful memories for me. I pray it never comes. To see a national army on the streets of their own country is a thing I never wish to see again. We know why they are preparing, for as sure as eggs are eggs they will goad a group into reacting. An excuse to declare martial law.

    • I think if it comes to that here (when), they will go for the brass ring, the one thing that separates these United States from all other republics in the Western World: firearm confiscation, militarily they will have to. You can’t exercise martial control of a population armed to the teeth. In 1941 when the Japs were planning their attack on Pearl Harbor, the idea was thrown out of invading the US west coast. Admiral Yamamoto dismissed it offhand saying there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. If they attempt that, they will have to pull in foreign troops. The vast majority of the army and Marine Corps will not go along with that–neither will the state guard units. They will mutiny. If they bring in foreign troops, well, it is on. This is a sleeping giant that they don’t want to awaken.

  2. gideon says:

    EXACTLY!!! Cousin. I’m thinking Lincoln as they sure like to invoke him. The “Great Emancipator” and the “Great Emancipated”. God forbid.

  3. Jeff Boots says:

    We shall fight on the curbside, we shall fight from our condos. We shall never surrender!

  4. cromwellshead says:

    When I look at the landmass, well, compare it to Tito’s Yugoslavia. It is impossible to physically subdue an armed population, sure you can control cities, but the land mass? No.

    What an excellent thing for the UN and globalist agenda. A new civil war tying up the US for years, leading to a break up. Yes, the various branches of the armed forces will take sides and frankly foreign troops on US soil? Well you would need millions. No, I think a domestic disfunction suits quite a few people in high places.

    I pray this does not occur, the consequences for freedom are too catastrophic to ponder.

  5. gideon says:

    “the consequences for freedom are too catastrophic to ponder”, Reminds me of Lord Acton’s comments/concerns as expressed to Mr. Lee in their correspondence. This is the same philosophical ilk working today. Break up is an option for them. All they care about is control of resources, which they have, in that they refuse to allow us to use our own, and then the ugly one, they love blood. I know this is bitterly hard for some that have been through things like this. I have not and don’t want to but, we were born for this, make no mistake about that. Our life experiences are all preparations for things to come. Something I learned recently, “evil will live through you if you let it” Wars Meaning by Cromwellshead2012…..God help us……

    • cromwellshead says:

      Well said Gideon. I think long and hard about these things, too much at times. However I am reminded of many English soldiers who found themselves again in France 21 years after WW1. The tragedy of not learning? No, the tragedy of not removing the cause.

      This time, the cancer has to be cut out for good. I am reminded of a phrase etched into my being, still shouted and written on countless walls in Ulster. ” No Surrender”

  6. gideon says:

    Thank you Cousin. You bless me and know that your shared experiences are having fruit. They have caused me to reflect also. I had an older brother,(step-brother actually), who served in that Southeast Asian thing. He was wild before but good. He once single-handedly saved a young girl that was being assaulted by a group of deviant scoundrels. We were close then but grew apart. After he returned from his second tour he took a bottle and went head-on with a logging truck on some obscure road near the coast. He came to see me before that a couple of times. He had had a fight with (his) dad. I didn’t know how to help him, hell I didn’t realize the enormity of the problem. I never realized how that had impacted me until you and PR recently shared. That may sound silly to some but, my point is we have all been impacted by this “cancer”. We need men like you and PR. You’re Friends and Fathers and Big Brothers that some have or have not had. Your words not only encourage but are helping to shape, at least for me, or as you say, “give a sort of order to things” and, again for me, clarify or develop some principles to live by which I never really thought about before finding this “blog”. Shameful I know. You are right and it has fallen to us. This “cancer” must be cut out and for good. IT IS OUR DUTY. Thank you for your friendship and Thank you for your courage. “No Surrender”…..

  7. cromwellshead says:

    Gideon I read that with sadness my friend. That war was, well, a tragedy as are all. I am sorry for your family and you. The waste of a life is always reason to mourn and reflect. I do not deal in cliches. Needless to say though, you strike me as a good and upright Christian man.

    I do not know where God takes me on this journey, I have my plans, He has others. My personal life has been turned upside down this past year. Things I thought were fixtures have gone, people changed beyond recognition. However, with the help of a few dear friends I count as family, I am seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel. My point is, these experiences have galvanised me. I am prepared and now whistle every morning with happiness. For I am certain that whatever happens, it is meant. There is a plan.

    You do me too much praise, if that is the right word. No, I am just an ordinary man with a story, as have many. PR has helped me put my thinking into order, things have fallen into place.
    We, I feel educate, I learn from every person I meet, your good self included and yes, through this grand enterprise I have met another few fine fellows who will not be walked over. For that I am grateful.

    I will not take part in “terrorist” activity, I will not break Gods or Common Law. Frankly I hate violence, it saddens me and appalls me with its indiscriminate consequences. However, I reserve the right to challenge unjust law. I reserve the right to defend my family and property against any. I will resist and oppose unjust actions that go against my beliefs.

    As my cousins say with pride, “Deo Vindice”

    • I think that my experiences taught me how very fleeting life is. I have seen the absolute best and worst in human beings. I have seen men shoot the enemy with every intent upon killing him and with seeming hate in their hearts and when the dust settles, rush out to administer first aid to that enemy or guard a medic who is doing so. I have seen men who were gentle at heart become ruthless killers and yet give the last of their rations to a stray cat or dog. And I have seen men who carried themselves publicly with the highest of honor who, when challenged, were nothing but worthless pieces of scum no better than a dead dog. People are lighted with the spirit of the divine, I believe, but challenged with free will that can twist and ruin that divine spark in the age old battle that splintered heaven before time. I daily struggle with this myself. For years I drank and was a pretty worthless person…I took for granted the goodness that God had placed in my life mostly I think because I understood how fleeting life was and was afraid on some level to get too close to people out of fear of losing them. I have come full circle–or better put, I am coming full circle in my life (it is a never ending process). I now realize that the shortness of life makes it incumbent upon myself to try to make something of a difference in my little world, even if that world is just the people around me. Helping people to open their eyes to the truth of the world and encouraging them to try to leave it just a little better than the way they found it is my mission. We all have our battles and callings. When you have seen death as a normal thing in that fog of hell it can enlighten the senses and make you appreciate the important things in life…if you survive it and by that I don’t just mean living to come home: I mean living while you are home. The dreams never really go away, but over time they soften and make more sense.

  8. cromwellshead says:

    A moving testament PR and so, so true.

    God Bless you

  9. gideon says:

    Thank you for sharing that Reb. God bless

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