The Bloody History of Communism

Partisan Ranger Note:  I have posted this documentary because so many people who are new to the freedom movement have no memory or understanding of the pure raw evil of international communism nor do many recognize the fact that this parasite is a creeping and festering sore on the soul of Western Civilization; furthermore, they have no idea of the link between Darwinism and philosophical communism.  Communism isn’t a failed utopian ideal, it is pure unadulterated evil. It represents an evil that must never be underestimated.   This is the system that the elite wish to impose on the people of the world.

Watch the complete documentary on youtube.



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One Response to The Bloody History of Communism

  1. cromwellshead says:

    Thank you for posting this PR. You are right of course, this is the evil that we fight. My experience echoes yours, many who are not historically minded do not realise the relation between all of the strands. Our education system does not allow free debate, it is a doctrine imposed at every level. Even the church, and not just Rome, further its evil agenda through their works.

    Resistance is indeed pure and a duty.

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