Is Prepping Depressing? 5 Ways To Cope

Is Prepping Depressing? 5 Ways To Cope

Ranger Man

The Survival Mom

January 26, 2012

Prepping is different from other pursuits in that it can easily lead to burnout. People that correctly identify the need to take reasonable preparations do so out of a recognition that modern society operates on a very fragile social structure, that there are serious economic or environmental concerns that could impact one’s quality of life, or a variety of other legitimate concerns. People new to prepping are particularly vulnerable to prepper burnout. Before long, you find yourself focused solely on negative, doom-is-imminent news articles. The apocalypse begins to seem like it’s right around the corner. You start purchasing extra food and equipment and begin to think that’s prepping is too expensive, and you’re so far behind where you want to be that it may not even be worth prepping at all.

Prepping burnout happened to me, at one point leading to a year long break from my survival blog. I was beginning to see the world through an apocalyptic lens, seeing only the doom and gloom in the evening news, wondering what the future would hold for my children, and feeling frustrated that if the SHTF tomorrow, my family and I would be in trouble because we were far from ready.

Before long, things like tending the garden became less of an outdoor, leisurely activity that produces good tasting quality food to one that focused on high calorie crops and continual garden expansion to allow for more food production (and consequently more work). What started as a hobby quickly became a chore. Prepping as a pursuit became an unfulfilling burden.

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6 Responses to Is Prepping Depressing? 5 Ways To Cope

  1. Jeff Boots says:

    If you think it’s depresing now….which it should not be….wait till you have to do those “chores” everyday after the shtf….you will laugh like a school girl that you were “ready”….I on the other hand plan to live off the generous money bombs and chat room donations I have recieved in a bunker with the elite. Toodles.

  2. cromwellshead says:

    Depressing? No I find it quite fun. I maintain a sense of humour. Last year my nosy 80 something neighbour was doing his usual nose through the wire stuff. “what yer doin now”?
    “Digging a potato clamp”
    “That idea went out with Noah”
    “It stores them just fine, sees me through winter”
    “Bloody nutter”

    Revenge is sweet. A week later, trimming his briar in my tractor he wandered over. Having tinfoil on my head he took one look and turned around. This kind of reaction guarantees you are left alone to prep in peace.

    Depressing? No, not one bit.

    • I think it is empowering. I guess if a person is torn between the trinkets of the modern world and the reality that they had to prepare, it could be depressing. But I think someone with that outlook isn’t mentally ready for what is coming anyway.

      • freedom2fascism says:

        Empowerment is the single word I would choose. One of the unexpected side affects that prepping has given me is an underlying sense of real confidence and calm. Another aspect of prepping that I’ve done over the past year is to do more networking with like-minded folks around me. Son of a gun, if I haven’t found two Alt-Market folks here and a whole slew of Ron Paul supporters. Not so alone as I thought I was.. 😉

      • cromwellshead says:

        “Men of honour and truth are never alone”

    • They will all think we survivalist/preppers are nuts until they are starving to death or begging for crumbs in a government bread line. I could care less what others think. We empower ourselves and establish insurance for our families by being prepared.

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