Peaceful Politics: Exploring The Brutal Nature of Republics and Democracies (Part 1)

Peaceful Politics: Exploring The Brutal Nature of Republics and Democracies (Part 1)

J.G. Vibes

Activist Post

January 21, 2012

This article is the beginning of a series where I will point out some of the problems in modern political philosophy and shed light on some possible solutions that can help us reverse the ominous path that our species is walking. In today’s selection we are going to discuss the brutal nature of republics and democracies, and consider how both are varying forms of slavery, which have clung to the human psyche as remnants from our mundane past.

If the primary goal within a society is to achieve happiness, safety, freedom and peace, then we can surely say that there is not a place on earth where this has been accomplished. Coincidentally, almost every charted geographical area on the planet is micromanaged by organizations who claim responsibility for ensuring the happiness and safety of the people. These organizations call themselves “governments”, and it is fairly obvious by now that they are absolutely horrible at their jobs and are actually responsible for the majority of the world’s suffering. It doesn’t matter if it’s an open dictatorship, a democracy, a republic, a communist state or a system of mercantilism, they have a failed miserably in creating a free and peaceful society.

With all of this being the case, I find confusing that the debate between republics and democracies is still controversial, considering that these systems have both amounted to nothing more than modern day serfdom. In republics, we are forced to put our trust in representatives who don’t have our best interests in mind, while in democracies we are subject to the whims of the majority, and these whims are of course controlled and manipulated by those in society who have the most control and influence. It seems that either way, the average people really don’t have a say in what happens in their society and they are typically subject to various forms of oppression that are justified by the State.

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