Ron Paul on Income Tax 0%

(Partisan Ranger Note: I think it is funny how so many so-called conservatives reject the notion of a 0% income tax off-hand.  It tells me that they have absolutely no understanding of monetary policy and/or they like big government after all.)


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One Response to Ron Paul on Income Tax 0%

  1. gideon says:

    Yeh! These so-called “conservatives” who MOCK Ron Paul as, Mr. Constitution. We know these guys are nothing more than Hamiltonian/Lincolnian’s whether they know it or not. They have all had PLENTY of opportunity to reduce spending and the size of government. Never happened never will with these guys. When they lie, they speak their native language. But I think it’s TRULY GREAT that they can’t silence him anymore. May GOD grant the restoration of the republic.

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